windows on 2007 Toyota Sequoia

I have a 2007 sequoia and when you turn off iginition and close the drivers door all the windows and the sunroof open up

by in Louisville, MS on May 26, 2010
0 answers
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This seems to be the problem with this model. All rear components worked great one day and not the next. Dealer said it was a motor failure for the wiper and window and recomended replacement. F...
Rear window motor replaced at 12000 due to failure. replacement motor experienced intermitten problems @35000 but deal couldn't diagnois. Now at 55,000 rear window, rear wiper, and defroster not ...
Does anyone know how to reset the power windows for this vehicle? I replaced the passenger side window and now when I hit the power window up the window rolls up and then rolls down halfway. Any i...
cannot find a labled fuse for the rear hatch window. do you know which of the three boxes contain this fuse and what is its location

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