window will not go up on 2000 Chrysler Town & Country

the passenger window has been acting peculiar but it went all the way down and I can't get it to go back up.
No noises suggesting that a motor was wearing out .
Any suggestions on how to get it to work or how do I remove the door paneling to expose the window area and try to raise it manually?

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You will have to remove the inner door panel to at least try to raise the window. If the window motor makes a noise like it "wants to operate" then the switch and fuse are probably OK and the problem is more likely to be the window regulator that has failed. If you hear no noise then the fuse, switch or wiring (particularly pay attention to the flexible harness that goes between the door and the body as it flexes each time the door is opened and closed and wires may have frayed in the harness ) could be at fault. With the engine running (for higher circuit voltage) try operating the window switch in the up/close position with the door open keep your finger operating the switch to the close position and slam the door closed sometimes it will jar the motor if it has stopped on a dead spot within the motor windings.
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Thanks, there is no noise.
The window would go down part way and stop and you could push down on it a little and it would go back up or further down.
It was almost all the way down and I pushed it the rest of the way and it stuck in the full down position, but it has never made any type of noise, was in fact quitew smooth.
Slamming the door did the trick -- thanks a bunch!
Thank you for the advice...slamming the door unjammed the window while the car engine was running! You are a genious Mr. Patrick.
i tried the same thing with my van, and it didnt work
Thank you for this advise It toolk a couple slams but I got my window up !!
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