window switch on 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport

I just bought another passenger door for my van and the window is still going down and not up. I think it is in the switch but, wich one is it drivers side swich or passenger switch? i need desperate help right away please!

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motor i just got mine fixed
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You will need to properly diagnose the door lock switches in your 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport. I cannot tell you if the drivers or passenger switch is at fault. A test test light, some jumper wires, a wiring diagram, an some basic electrical knowledge will be necessary to diagnose your window problem.
Check the wiring in the door jamb that is inside the corrugated boot. You can slide the boot through the hole in the body to expose the wiring. You will probably find broken wires. The drivers door opens and closes more often the other side so this will usually happen there first. The insulation gets hard and brittle and cracks. Then the wire bends at the crack with every door movement, the copper fatigues and breaks. A butt connector will fix it.