Window sash clips on 2001 Pontiac Grand Am

Hello! My front passenger & rear driver-side windows have fallen into the door due to broken sash clips. I've removed the door panel & the windows are being held up by screws, but I would like to fix. How much would it cost to have this issue repaired? Thanks!

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I had the same problem. before you remove the sash clips i recommend getting a black sharpie and trace the outside of the sash before removel. I didn't do this and the sash boke a couple of time because they were not in the exact same place. Remove the sash and glue off the window. Sand blast window in area were sash will be glued. Use an epoxy that can set up at least about with in 15 min. Clean window and sash. Put glue in sash and align sash with sharpie marks on window to correct depth. Wait till it is dry and install the window. I hope this helped it should take about 45min to an hr.
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The window sash clips are available for your 2001 Pontiac Grand Am, in most cases the window does not need to be replaced. The clips are glued onto the window glass. I would suspect the labor charge would be in the range to 1hour per side to replace the clips.
where can i get these plastic clips??