Window Regulator and p0455 code on 1999 Volvo C70

My drivers side window sticks intermittently and sometimes will not go up more than half way. It seems stuck rather than the motor not working. What might be the problem?
Also, I have a "gross emissions system leak" code. Any ideas on this one? Thanks!

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The window regulators on these are very problematic. When they start to go you will hear odd noises from inside the door. You may hear the window motor working, but the window doesn't move. I wouldn't let anyone but an experienced Volvo tech address issues with the window/regulator. Trust me on this, I replaced tens of these and it is a nightmare to get the window to seal properly and not have air/water leaks and for the door to open/close properly.
The large leak in the emission system can be several things, ti will require running an evap system test to see why the fault is occurring. May be an actual leak, bad evap purge valve or canister shut off valve to name a few things.
Best of luck!