window regulator on 2005 BMW X5

My window on the driver side is down, I need to replace the regulator, but I can not raise the window to take out the screw that hold the glass. How do I raise the glass to get to the screw

by in Hollywood, FL on February 11, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 11, 2011
You need to cut the cable in the old regulator. It's a very common issue, but this is the only way to raise the window. If you have suction caps they would be a great help to hold the window up while you are working on the regulator. Zee
COMMENT by on February 15, 2011
Thank you,
Related Items: open or close. This is a very common problem with these BMWs. You will need to replace the window regulator to fix this. Same problem and solution for all windows. 
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