window problems on 2005 BMW 330xi

how do I take the door panel off to fix my window?

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Front - Decorative trim is to be pulled off from the outer edge first and popping it out inwards, release the two T20 screws uncovered.
Remove the two covers on the arm rest and release the two T20 screws.
Remove the mirror adjustment switch/cover carefully and release the T20 screw.

The door trim is now held on by clips, simply pry from the bottom corner first and work your way around, once up to the top, do not pull up, simply pull towards you sharply and sturn.
Carefully peel the foam membrane and do not cut/break it, it will lead to future in cabin leaks. Peel back majority to gain access, but leave the bottom of the membrane attached (this is the most important part). When refitting make sure all clips align before hitting the door trim back on

The rear is almost identical
Thank you that was very helpful I didn't want to break anything.