Window not working, brought to dealer on 2005 Honda Odyssey

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Driver window works intermittently. When it stops working it will go down ever so slowly, but never up. I hear the switch "click" in the door when I press it. Have brought it to the local dealer, they switched out with another vehicles "regulator" and said mine was fine, they said the motor was okay and said it might be an electrical problem which is like a needle in a hay stack- I am looking at a bill of at keast $395- HELP! I can't afford that. Any advice, can't buy parts if they are not the fix.
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did you mean they exchanged out the drivers window switch with another one?? if they did its possible the wiring that goes through the door to the body could have a broken wire all it takes is one to make it not work in one direction. even though its sounds like to me you have a weak window lift motor