Window molding disingrating on Toyota Corolla

Average mileage: 94,285 (50,000–162,000)
2 model years affected: 2001, 2009
9 people reported this problem
7 people shared problem details
2009 Toyota Corolla100,000
Same issue here. It's happening on the passenger side of the car on both the front and back door windows. I pulled the cracked, broken, sticky strip off and cleaned the area with a small flat head screw driver, alcohol and a rag. I'm considering not replacing it due to the cost. My questions is whether this strip of molding is merely cosmetic or does it serve a purpose? Even if a little water gets into the door, it should just drain right out through the holes on the bottom of the door.
2001 Toyota Corolla162,000
My side molding is all torn up! The really bad part is the design, not easy to fix!
2009 Toyota Corolla115,000
Passenger rear window molding is cracking, and falling inside the door. It has not been replaced yet.
2009 Toyota Corolla70,000
molding rotten cracking all 4 doors
2001 Toyota Corolla90,000
I put some Armour on all the rubber along windows and doors. Seems to have extended their life for a while anyways.
Driver side molding also came off. purchased a replacement from the dealer for $50.
Noticed one morning when opening my door that the molding at the base of the driver's side window was cracked in half on the front and rear door, allowing rain to get inside the door. This is not covered by the extended warranty, and cost $150/window for the dealer to replace.
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