Window Fell Into Door on 2000 Pontiac Grand Am

My Driver's Side Window just fell into my door. I'm HOPING it just came loose of the clips that hold it, but they could be broken. Could anyone point me in the direction of some instructions on how to get the door panel off and get to the bottom of this problem (preferably pictures)? Also, if it needs new clips (The power window motor still works fine), about how much would that cost to replace? Is this something i can fix on my own or should i take it to a mechanic (and, if the answer is "MECHANIC!", what should that cost me)?

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In the instruction manual there will be a visual of how to take the panel off. Your clips broke more than likely. They are junky plastic things. You have to get them from a dealer and they aren't cheap for plastic. Honestly, replacing the entire system from buying a window kit from ebay is actually cheaper. it gives you instructions in which to install the new system. I did this all with a Philips screw driver, adjustable wrench, and tape (to hold up the window)
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the plastic things are probably broken. its happened to me on both doors twice. you can now get then ( window guides) from auto zone, lbut they only have the ones for the driver side. get the Chilton Manuel for instructions on how to take the door panel off. its easy to do. you may also go to the library and copy it from the Manuel there .