Window DOES NOT OPERATE (Only ONE ) on 1999 BMW 323is

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Is it more likely to be the Switch (located on the console), or the WINDOW MOTOR, itself?

What is the book time for this repair?
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Ignition key on all accessories off radio blower motor ect all off. Operate the window switch up and down do you hear any noise at all in the door panel, if so the switch would be OK. Check the wires going out to the door ar not damaged in the flexible harness going out to the door.
The window motor is about $150 to $235 for the motor, and about 1. to 1.3 hour to replace. The switch is about $50 and about .3 hours to replace, (more time to diagnose system should be added).

Will check in morning. I do not think there is ANY noise in the door panel, however. FIGURES!!!!