window on 1998 Mercedes-Benz ML320

drivers side window goes down but not up what can i do

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It is definitely always the window switch. Had it replaced 3 times already. You can do it yourself. The part is $100. You start from underneath the "glove-box thingy" between the driver and passenger seat (don't know the name), undo the screws, and work your way down until you take off the wood trim.
thanks..I'll try and find those screws and get my control motherboard installed. this is the second failure afre $400 cost. Ian from Mt Eliza vic Australia
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Could either be the switch in the door or the window motor itself and you can find a repair shop here
had the same problem on my 2000ml ,had the whole middle center console replaced since you cant buy a individual switch $184 part $69 for .5 hrs labour Canadian dollar