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5316 Williamson Rd
Roanoke, VA 24019
(540) 563-2877

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When taking your car to this shop, we recommend you take the time to:

  • Ask if their technicians are ASE-certified.
  • Request written estimates from multiple shops and compare them with the RepairPal estimator.
  • Verify that the shop you select is willing and able to clearly explain the work being performed.
  • Ask whether they warranty their repairs (and for how long).

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Overall Rating

Customer Reviews

January 22, 2015

This was wrote to the BBB.

I have been dealing with Wimmer Tire many years, They have now changed management at the one on Williamson Road. I went in there because my car was making a squeaking noise when I made a right hand turn. When I went in and didn't see the regular guy I almost walked out. I told the guy my problem and he went to put me in the computer I said I'm already in there. He said we have to do everyone again. When I went to sit down I ask the guy sitting there did they change hands he said yes several times in the last year. I was very skeptical, but thought I would trust them. Big Mistake. After an hour the guy came out and said it was a right front axle, right front inner tie rod, and it had to have a power steering flush, and a wheel alignment, totaling 649.36. I thought for several minutes and asked if he was sure that's what it was? He said oh yea if not just bring it back. Against my better judgment I said OK. Another HUGE mistake. I paid them and left and didn't drive my car for 4 days. The 5th day went to the grocery store, the exact same noise, no different it was exactly the same. I took my car back and told him you didn't fix it! I left it and within 30 minutes he called me and said to fix your car its another $1,100.00, I said WHAT? You already fixed it, he came up with garbage I never heard of. I said NO WAY I went back to get it and told him its making the same noise why didn't the repair you did fix it? He had no answer. I said you ripped me off and I'll never be back and I'll tell everyone I know you are a thief, his words quote" I don't care". The bottom line is I took it to two different repair shops just to make sure I got the right repair and its the power steering pump with a transmission leak which I was NEVER told I had, and they did a power steering flush. Beware of this Wimmer Tire.

Response from Wimmer Tire:

The company's response to your post is as follows:

We replaced an axle that the boot had let all the grease drain out, so that had to be replaced. It was making a hard clicking noise when turning the vehicle. And we replaced one tie rod end that was worn out and was unsafe. It would not have passed Virginia state inspection. I believe that the customer has some other issued with the car that is not related to that repair.Her intake gasket is leaking which has nothing to do with our repairs. The car is a 14 year old vehicle and it has multiple issues that are common with that age car.

Should you require further assistance, please contact the BBB at (540) 342-3455.


Angie Adams
Director of Business Relations

My response back:

Let me address this my car is 14 years old and to be exact even though its a 2001 Pontiac it was bought in January 2000 so I have had it 15 years. When I bought it into your shop it had 78023 miles on it. In those 15 years the oil has been changed every 3000 miles with Wimmer Tire doing it 90% of the time. If grease was slinging all over the place how come the grease magically disappeared because there is NO grease in the car!! If it had other issues why were those issues not bought to my attention. And you do fix things that aren't broken because that tie rod you repaired the fr inner was repaired 6 months ago. And I will quote the noise being made was a squealing noise, when I made a right hand turn and if you repaired the problem why was it making the EXACT same noise a day later not a different noise exactly the same. When my car has issues I have always addressed them immediately this is the first time a repair has ever been disputed by me. Its not about the money the car was not correctly repaired and you need to take responsibility for the poor actions by your mechanic. Why does no one take responsibility anymore? When you changed hands you made a mistake, we all make mistakes, take responsibility. I will take my car to an mechanic of your choice, I will bet you they will not find anywhere grease has been slinging. You want to prove me wrong here's your chance. The bottom line it was the power steering pump. You should have put the old parts in my car and we would all know the truth right?

October 17, 2012

This shop has gone thru techs like crazy of the years. I believe these days it's hit or miss as to whether or not you'll get someone who knows what they are doing. I've taken many cars over many years to them and that just seems to be the way it is. They can't keep technicians that know what their doing.
I took an old clasic car to them for a state inspection and asked them not to leave the keys hangin in the door or trunk locks. Sure enough, when I looked in on it, they had the keys hanging in the trun lock. Even though I had told them I didn't want them doing that as it could scratch the paint.
You can get or used to be able to get a good deal on tires every once in a while, so they can be worth checking out.
The very first problem I had with my latest vehicle they dianosed the problem and replaced the correct sensor. $30 dollar sensor, $160 bill. And it even sat right on top of the engine. Couldn't have taken five minutes to replace.
Like I said, good deal on tires now and again, just watch out for extra's and do you research before going.