willn't start on 2008 Dodge Dakota

2008 dokota willn't start. Turn key, all lights come on on dash panel, tried in park/netural while turning key into start. Checked wires to starter, all tight, checked all fuses, none blowed.Engine will not turn over, replaced battery. Can hear fuse box relays click. 37350 miles, warrenty gone at 36,000

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The starter solenoid is possibly defective for the starter relay is defective. Just because you can hear it clicking does not mean the electrical contacts inside of the relay are doing its thing.
Thanks, took the truck to Dodge Auto sales. They said the solenoid and starter where bad. They put a new one on and starts good now. Total price for starter and labor, $387.90. Not bad for a truck that got less than 38000 miles on it.