will toyota cover any expense related to the horribly cracked dashboard, glovebx on 2004 Toyota Solara

love my solara convertible. yes i drive with top down. but it is stored in garage and has been since day one. the vinyl/leather on dash board especially by glove box is extremely cracked and splitting. as another owner said, "it looks like a road map" i have a 4 runner twice the miles, twice the age, never garaged and the same area on it is flawless.. the center console and door pull area that are covered in vinyl/leather are all wrinkled.. obviously a product flaw and makes the interior of my vehicle embarrassing to have someone see. this has been going on to some degree since day one, but now is just plain ugly. anyone have luck with toyota admitting to a product quality flaw?

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Since you are out of warranty they may be unwilling to help you with the situation. Maybe try calling Toyotas corprate office and try getting input from them. Here is a link to Toyotas website which will show you if there is any reaclls or service campaign info based on your 17 digit VIN. If you find nothing there here is the link so you can either call, email, or postal mail them to get information. If you express your fustration they MAY open a case and help you with the some cost.
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I have a 2006 in Tampa with the same problem. So does my dad. We have hit the dealer and the corporate office and all we got was for them to open a case and tell me that my care wasn't under warranty. I am not a nitwit, I know my car isn't under warranty I explained. They were surprised I thought they should do something.

Despite our vehicles not being under warranty certain things shouldn't happen like the dash cracking as these do. My car is never outside except while driving. Even my work has a garage. My car has 32,000 and the body is as new. I have had 10 Honda's over the years and Honda takes care of their customers even when not under warranty. I had a 1978 Civic and in 1984 I got a mail saying that the hoods had a peeling paint issue and I could bring mine back for a repaint. Not under warranty either. My mom's Acura was 5 years old, went in for an oil change and the tech noticed she had a tear in her leather seat. Said that shouldn't have happened and ordered her a replacement. See my theme here? I will never buy another Toyota product, Lexus/Scion etc. Be great for you to call and complain to their corporate. Maybe you will tip the scales and they may move on this. Honestly, if they even did anything like.......if you pay cost for the dash we will install for free or discount etc. I was told I could get a new one istalled at my dealer for around $2,500.

Anyway, long winded but you are not alone and all their cars have this issue.