will the plentume gasket under the fuel rail on a 1995 explorer vacum leak on 1995 Ford Explorer

will a gasket under a fuel rail on a 95 ford explorer cause a vacum leak

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yes anywhere there is vac is suspect to a vac leak. ck your fuel trim with a scanner and that will confirm if there are no other vac leaks
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yes it could
The gasket under the fuel rail is called the intake manifold gaskets (O-rings). It's very common to have a vacuum leak there. Replace those O-rings and upper plenium also.
the most likely complaint is, runs bad cold and once it warms up to operating engine temp it seems to run better.
ok thanks what about the egr valve I pull the vacum hose off of the egr valve it run smooth and when i hook it back up it run like nothing wrong if it have a burnth valve will it run smooth i hook the egr valve back up nit run like missing
Just replace the intake manifold and upper plenium o-rings. You are over thinking the problem. You have techs that have years of experience giving you the fix.