will start but wont take gas. wont pull it self 150,000 miles on 1993 Ford Explorer

have checked most sensors. I'm told no one has a code reader for this model.

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yes, there is a code reader but it is a scan tool that most shops have. it is not a free service.

how did you check the sensors?? it sounds like low fuel pressure but you need someone to put a pressure gauge on it to verify.

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Another thought to supplement Roy is that you could have an exhaust restriction. Check for a possible restricted catalytic converter.

The system is old EEC-IV Ford processor strategy. There is a Ford specific diagnostic connector that plugs in under the hood. Indeed - how did you check the sensors? I have to say that this is not the easiest vehicle or system to pull a datastream or valid parameters in touch with a solid tech with good know how and diagnostic equipment. Good luck.