will start but will not stay running on 1994 Toyota Pickup

Ive replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and the fuel pressure regulator, and the truck acts the same. It starts right up and then when it goes to idle it shuts off everytime?? anyone have any good Ideas?

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Any chance you figured out the problem? I have a 96 Toyota Tacoma that seems to be doing the same thing. It starts up, idles ruff, kinda dies down, catches itself and revs back up. It does this several times and then dies. The fuel filter has been changed, fuel system cleaned, MAS cleaned, spark plugs changed and I just changed the Throttle Position sensor and still no luck. I've had it to the mechanic 3 times now and they can't figure it out. There are no check engine lights on and the last time I took it in they were the one's that told me it was the throttle sensor and said it was easy to change, I could do it myself so I spent $95 on one and changed it and it still acts the same. They checked the plugs, ignition coil, rotor and cap and said all was fine.
did u ever figure out problem? my 96 is doing the same thing.... thanks
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when the starter is activated it provides power to the fuel pump, when the engine is running power to the fuel pump is supplied by the mass air sensor air vane being opened by air flow in the intake. When the starter is released, the air vane must be working or the fuel pump will not get power, and the engine will die. you can manually move the air vane if you disconnect the intake tubes that go from the air filter.
Diagnosing the problem is the best idea I have, and it should've been done before wasting money on unneeded parts.
You need to determine why the engine is stalling, is it loosing fuel pressure, injector operation, ignition spark or idle control? Are there any fault codes stored in the engine control module?
HI i have same problem i found main relay behind glove box and jump wires to keep pump running, now car runs ive always had a code telling me its the mass air meter but i replaced it , removed the jumper , reset comp but it still does the same,now i partially clamped fuel return line and placed jumper back and truck runs perfect, i had already replaced fuel pump do u think it might be wrong fuel pump or are all tank pumps the same