Will oil pressure check work? on 2009 Pontiac G6

Car only starts for ten to fifteen seconds. Think oil sending unit is cutting car off. Should oil come out of filter hole while cranking engine?

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how much oil is coming out? you may need to have a mech ck it out to see exactly what the issue is
Not getting any oil from filter at all, does that definitely mean pump? Plugged pick up tube? Oil should come out with cranking engine, right? Changed oil pan, now have this issue. Thanks for any help
poss knock off oil p/u tube
Any suggestions for cleaning p/u tube and screen with pan on that may work? Pan removal is a SOB on this engine. Plus, is it even possible for dirty screen to cause NO oil to come out while cranking?
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if you have got plugged oil lines, switch to better quality oil after repair. possibly a synthetic. synthetics don't cause leaks, they expose the ones that are already there.
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