Will not turn over on 1997 Buick Skylark

when key is turned all lights come on and accessories work but engine does not turn over. Nothing happens. Took to a shop and they stated it might be the security system but they did not have codes to reset. Any assistance will be appreciated.

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This may be right, but it's hard to know without being able to duplicate the problem and perform a diagnosis at that time. Here is some inf about the security system:
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Mine did the same thing. I tilted my steering wheel up and down wiggled the ignition key thing then pushed inward really hard while turning the key over. Had to repeat this a few times turning the key on and off, but it finally caught and started. But one time the car shop had told me I had to use the original key that has the black plastic on it, not the duplicate key. It did finally work. And so far is still working now, but occasionally it will do it. I just have to work with it all over again. It feels like something is not connecting real good, but it does finally. Good Luck!!!