Toyota RAV4 Problem Report

Toyota RAV4 will not stay running

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my rav 4 will start but only runs for about 20-30 sec then dies but then try to start it again and it starts for about 20-30 sec and dies again??? -
starts runs 30 seconds-shuts off----turn key all the way back off & try again does same thing runs great at any rpm like its ok --but in 30 sec .cuts off==???/ i replaced the ecu-ecm--module==brain box----it did not fix it---some models have igniters-- i cant find one on it 2.0 eng built 10/30/1997---i need a fix--- -
my rav 4 will start but only runs for about 20-30 sec then dies -
Will not idle unless my foot is on the gas. Has new battery, new sparkplugs. Not a fix, but temporary solution- "toe" the gas pedal and use the other foot to work the brake, after a short time, it runs by itself just fine. Still, I have no idea what's wrong with my car! -
Had error codes for the crankshaft position sensor. I replaced that and still does not stay running or idle -
Starts, runs for about 30 seconds and chokes off. Just replaced the fuel pump so I know it's not that. -
wont stay running -
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