Will not start. Floods each time I try to start it. on 1991 Plymouth Acclaim

My acclaim sounds like it is going to start but floods. I have checked the injectors with ohm's checker and that test is ok.

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How do you know it floods? Strong smell of fuel? Sounds like a no spark condition then. Can purchase a manual at the parts store that can walk you thru the no spark inspection steps.
We can tel that is floods by the smell, by spark plugs being wet with gas. Spark is found at the coil wire and plug wires....?
Not sure if this reply is sent correctly. I can smell gas and checked plugs to find them wet with gas. Found spark at the coil and wires both....
Is spark getting through to plugs and firing at tip. If you have an extra plug can plug one of your wires on to it, ground the plug at the threads to metal and crank engine over to see if spark is at the gap. Be careful to hold the wire with insulated holder like pliers.
I placed a plug at the end of wire and it sparks.