will not start after multiple trips on hot days.will start after approx.30 min. on 2002 Honda CR-V

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New battery.Recently replaced fuel pump relay.Runs well,no power lost,no hesitation no acceleration air box lid and new filter.
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How many miles on it? do you have a way to check the fuel pressure both while running and observe any pressure drop after shut off.Also check the plugs for signs of fouling.Next time you try to start it when it's hot , and it doesn't start on first try , before you crank it the second time put the throttle ALL the way to the floor and hold it there ,without letting off the throttle try cranking it . If it's flooded this should clear it and allow it to start , (then obviously let off the throttle) .Assuming your spark plugs are the correctOEM type ,if this method worked , have the flooding issue diagnosed (NOTE: back to fuel pressure; low pressure can cause injector duration to increase and agravate the situation).