Will not start on 1998 Mercury Grand Marquis

This car is given to me, the person that had the car said it just quit, did not say what led to it quiting. Any suggestions what it may be.

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There are too many things that can cause an engine to stop running, mentioning them is not very useful. The next step is to have the problem diagnosed.
That would be a good start, after you put the battery in and try to start it, let me know what happens, and if there are any codes stored (may not set any if it doesn't start)
If you can verify a lack of fuel pressure, injector operation or ignition to the plugs, then I may be able to offer better advice.
Well I was going to drop a battery into the car, try to start it, then pull the codes off the computer, I was just trying to get suggestions of what it maybe. I know it could be as simple as replacing a sensor, to as complicated as the ICM or engine. I know the people claimed it had fuel pressure and spark and questioned if it was the injectors, I would like to just run codes first. Thank you for your time.
I put a battery in the car, then tried to start it to try get codes, the code reader did not pull any codes up. When I tried to start it, it just turned over but not start, on occasion it tried to start but not run, even though still no codes came up. They tried putting gas in it but the gas they tried was put in a new mower and didnt start either so could it be the fuel?