will not start on 2003 Mazda B2300

after driving about 20 miles engine will not start when left over night it starts and then die again

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did you disconnect or replaced the battery ? if so you need to relearn your engine if you do not how do the following park your car and set the emergency brake make sure it is shifted on park turn off all accessory start your car wait till it reach normal operating temperature turn you air condition on for 2 minutes then drive your truck for 10 miles city and hwy combo this should take care of the problem Good Luck
yes I did disconnect the battery to clean the cables I followed your instruction and it worked great thanks a million
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Is the battery light on while your driving? What is the battery voltage? Take it by Milt's today and talk to Adrian. (707)643-7548
no battery light is not on when driving , battery voltage is 12.6 and no check engine light
Did you take it to the shop?