will not start on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

car ran, always started, sat for 4 wk. will not start. it seems like a switch can the computer be rebooted?

by in Butler, PA on September 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 04, 2009
How about a bit more information. 1) Does the engine crank over OK? 2) If the engine does NOT crank over is the battery OK - do the lights and other functions work or Is the battery dead?
COMMENT by on September 04, 2009
the car will not crank. all other electrical functions seem ok. It is like trying to start a car when it is in drive. I tryed starting in park as well as netural. the only responce is a soft click. the battery is fully charged. and i tryed to jump the car with another car. i think a switch is not set right that is whyi thought i would have to reboot the car's computer. I had herd that there was a way of doing this with the igination switch however this is just a vage memory. i did disconnect the battery in hopes of causing the system to reset.
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