will not start on 1994 Buick Park Avenue

car ran, always started, sat for 4 wk. will not start. it seems like a switch can the computer be rebooted?

by in Butler, PA on September 04, 2009
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ANSWER by on September 04, 2009
How about a bit more information. 1) Does the engine crank over OK? 2) If the engine does NOT crank over is the battery OK - do the lights and other functions work or Is the battery dead?
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COMMENT by on September 04, 2009
the car will not crank. all other electrical functions seem ok. It is like trying to start a car when it is in drive. I tryed starting in park as well as netural. the only responce is a soft click. the battery is fully charged. and i tryed to jump the car with another car. i think a switch is not set right that is whyi thought i would have to reboot the car's computer. I had herd that there was a way of doing this with the igination switch however this is just a vage memory. i did disconnect the battery in hopes of causing the system to reset.
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