will not start on 2000 Volvo S70

Car will not start. Has a new battery, checked to make sure it is getting spark...and even replaced old plugs - needed new ones anyway...checked and the car is getting gas.

Not sure where to turn, I have a new bat, spark and it's getting gas.

The car will just turn over but never fire.

Any ideas what to check next?


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How many miles in it? Did you ever get the timing belt replaced?
The no start condition could be there for many different things i.e.: bad cam or crank sensors, immobilizer problem, etc...
There is an excellent Volvo specialty shop near your location, Indian Trail Imports.
Their phone #: 704-821-8627
They have the right tools and personnel to diagnose and repair the problem.

Our car does the same thing. Drove home in it yesterday for 3 hours making 1 stop and re-starting fine. After a 30 min second stop it would light up but not turn-over. This was at 8 pm. Went there at 11 30 the next day and started right up even after being outside in 20 degree weather. What are my options here?