will not start on 2000 Volvo S70

Car will not start. Has a new battery, checked to make sure it is getting spark...and even replaced old plugs - needed new ones anyway...checked and the car is getting gas. Not sure where to turn, I have a new bat, spark and it's getting gas. The car will just turn over but never fire. Any ideas what to check next? Thanks

by in Matthews, NC on January 29, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 29, 2011
How many miles in it? Did you ever get the timing belt replaced? The no start condition could be there for many different things i.e.: bad cam or crank sensors, immobilizer problem, etc... There is an excellent Volvo specialty shop near your location, Indian Trail Imports. Their phone #: 704-821-8627 They have the right tools and personnel to diagnose and repair the problem. Zee
COMMENT by on February 05, 2011
Our car does the same thing. Drove home in it yesterday for 3 hours making 1 stop and re-starting fine. After a 30 min second stop it would light up but not turn-over. This was at 8 pm. Went there at 11 30 the next day and started right up even after being outside in 20 degree weather. What are my options here?
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