will not start on 1995 Mazda MPV

My 1995 Mazda MPV van, 3.0L w/ac and automatic transmission was running kind of rough. I decided to cange the fuel filter and after I did this the van would not turn over. I can hear a clicking sound going to the relay, thats all. There are two wires that go to the starter, one is from the battery and this has 12v going to the starter, the other wire is from the ignition area and there is no voltage coming from it at all. People were telling me about a reset switch but I was unable to locate one. I need advice...Please dwlj_dj@yahoo.com

by in Wharton, TX on June 19, 2010
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ANSWER by on September 17, 2010
There's no reset switch in your MPV. It sounds like you lost your battery or battery connection, or that the starter's failng. Is there 11+ volts on the battery positive terminal when you turn the ign to Start? Should be if the battery's good. Put a voltmeter on the smaller wire and hit Start to check the Start signal, should see 11+ volts, and put a meter on the big cable at the starter and hit Start snd see if there's 11+ volts when you do. If the voltage falls to nothing, suspect the battery. If the starter clicks and the battery voltage is good at that time, you probably have a bad starter.
COMMENT by on September 19, 2010
I do have 12v going to my starter from my battery. I had the battery replaced. I had my starter tested by different auto places and I also tested it like the manual says, all test on the starter, soleniod passed. The second wire coming off the starter has no voltage when trying to start, I suspect one of three things, the ingition switch, moduale, or the neutral switch. Possible, one of the wires went bad but I do not beleive this to be the case.
COMMENT by on February 27, 2012
Just had the same problem, almost exactly. Changed batteries and found out I have an alarm. Only way I could find to shut off the alarm was cut the wire at the alarm. Now I have nothing happening when I try to crank it over, Friends are telling me there is an Anti-theft reset I need to find. Going to ask my Mechanic tonight
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