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1995 Honda Odyssey Question: will not start

i parked my 95 odyssey one night and the next day will not start'had no fire to plugs ;no fuel from fuel line;and my gearshift ind.flash as long as the switch is on.i put in a new coil new button.what is wrong... -
Answer 1
Try the engine pcm/fuel pump main relay under dash L side -
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i had the battery disconnected to take off the sensor. Once i replaced the sensor i tried to crank the engine and it would not start.
has a new battery. once there was a problem with the starting, I called a certified mechanic. he came the next day but the van started then every time he tried. and he left . but van did not start ...
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If I juggle the modes and the temperature settings some times it starts to work fine
I can keep turning the key car starts up and then stops turn the key again and does it againthe runs for about 4 seconds and shuts off