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1991 Lincoln Continental Question: WILL NOT START

my car died on me last week and i recently put a new computer and it wont start, i also put a module control sensor, a coil a fuel pump a fuel filter a tumbler , ignition switch and the main module connected to the computer and its still not pulsing the injectors. the injectors are not opening. is it a crank sensor? please help me -
Answer 1
Normally I would suggest a diagnosis, but that doesn't appear to be a part of this repair. Just keep replacing parts, you'll get lucky one of these times! -
Answer 2
if the car got hot to the h temp. than died than u have a blown head gasket or a crake head -
Answer 3
Check your fuse box inside the car it should be a fuse I had a problem like that in a 91 Lincoln -
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