will not start on 1996 Ford Ranger

I was driving on highway and just stopped egine light on and flashed, having exhast problem. I put scoap on but would no read, could map sensor(electronic ignition system) be gone? The truck turns over but will not start. I sure could use the help. I live in Canada and was -40 when this happened.

by in Brooksville, FL on December 27, 2009
0 answers
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Went to the store(11am) and it started up fine, tried to start truck to go home and wouldn't start. It was only trip of the day. Thank you
Went to start it and found what seemed to be a dead battery. Checked battery and it was run down to 4.9V. When I put a jumper pack on the battery all of the dash service lights, abs, battery, oil, ...
Anytime the temp outside gets down below 40 the truck will not start. I have new plugs and plug wires and new battery already installed. Need some suggetions.
The truck has to cool down for an hour or so before I can try starting again. Its not the alternator, starter or battery. It started happening when the weather started getting warmer.

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