Will Not Start on 1998 Volkswagen Jetta

The car sometimes will not start. Acts like it might be a starter solenoid, but I am trying to avoid buying the whole new assy. and changing it all out. are there any other thing I should know? Details: Only on the first start of the day, does this happen, all other times are ok. All electrical items work as they should, and a simple booster pack will start the car. The engine does not crank, only a solenoid click. Is there a way to change just the solenoid, or does the whole starter have to come out? Thanks Mike I did the voltmeter test, and the battery has 13 volts, turned off from post to post, and 12.6 from battery to starter. while charging it has 14.10 in both places and while starting it has little over 9. I think there might be a relay staying on, because after plugged into a charger, the car will start. otherwise, it won't. I'm going to try testing for battery draw when its not starting. Replace some relays. try all the easy solutions.

by in Morrisville, VT on October 15, 2009
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ANSWER by on October 15, 2009
Hey Mike, It's unlikely that the solenoid is available separately, and I have doubts about that being the issue. I would check the battery, battery terminals and the cable connections at both ends. If you have a voltmeter, perform a voltage drop test on the cables, this will tell you if you are getting the proper amount of voltage to the starter. You can get a volt meter for $25.00 or so. Here is a great article on this test: http://www.excelauto.com/online/Tech.d/strvdt.html Let me know if you have any questions about this test.
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