Will not start on 1995 Mercury Tracer

New starter, Battery good also altenater but will run when kick start it is a manual shift

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Sounds like when you go to start the engine the starter is not engaging? And you can push the vehicle and start it in gear? If I have this right, then check the ignition switch and the neutral safety switch. If you need to depress the clutch to start the vehicle, then also check the clutch switch.
Sorry did not change SCPP switch but the neutral safety switch and ignition switch @ one point I could shake cables going to starter and car would start but not @ time checked wires to starter with test light checked wires from battery to starter, Bolt for ground wire did break had to put in different spot,Yes I when push start car it runs perfect .
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Thinking about what the car needs to see to get the starter cranking, I start with the Start Clutch Pedal Position Switch (SCPP). This switch must see the clutch fully depressed to let the starter circuit complete. Other than a wiring problem (check all connections - clean and secure), this seems like the most likely cause.

The SCPP switch is located above the clutch pedal on the bracketry that holds the pedals.
Thanks I replaced the SCPP switch and checked all connections ,clean and secured
If you changed the SCPP switch, all connections are good AND you still have issues...check that replacement starter. It would have to be either that or the ignition switch itself. There really is no further possibilities with that system...other than maybe wiring to the SCPP switch that could be compromised...