Will not shift out of park, no brake lights. The 15 fuse fries each time. Why? on 2004 Chevrolet Aveo

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4 days ago, the car would not shift out of park and had no brake lights coming on. Used shift lock release, started in neutral, and took to dealer. Dealer replaced the Brake Switch. One day later, problem returned. Took back to dealer, they said the 15 light blue stop fuse had blown. They replaced. Worked for a day, problem came back. Each time I put a new 15 fuse in, it works temporarily, but now fries either immediately or within 4 hours, and so still can't get the car out of park still and no brake lights come on. How to fix this?
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Will the fuse blow even when not stepping on the brake pedal? If so that would indicate a short to ground in the wiring between the fuse and the brake light switch. The wiring will require inspection to find the exact location of the problem. If you must step on the brake to make the fuse blow then the fault is in the wiring after the switch.