will not idle,shuts off on 1994 Toyota Camry

will not idle, only if i manually keep the rpm up.

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Use yo mojo! Check for a vacuum leak. Possible idle air control problem. Light on?
no light on.I have a 92 Camry with same engine, did a little comparison troubleshooting, not getting anywhere.
Check the big rubber air inlet tube for any cracks or loose clamps. People bend this hose to change the air filter and it will split, look it over good.
thanks. I checked that...good. Is there a idle control valve? Where is it located?
Yes it is called an Idle Air Control valve or IAC. Located on intake plenum, however this part is very reliable, I have never had a problem but you may have one! It is bolted to the intake with hoses hooked to it double check ALL vacuum sources for a leak, try cleaning throttle body.
Google it, prob. something on youtube.