1994 Toyota Camry Q&A

1994 Toyota Camry Question: will not idle,shuts off

will not idle, only if i manually keep the rpm up. -
Answer 1
Use yo mojo! Check for a vacuum leak. Possible idle air control problem. Light on? -
Comment 1
no light on.I have a 92 Camry with same engine, did a little comparison troubleshooting, not getting anywhere. -
Comment 2
Check the big rubber air inlet tube for any cracks or loose clamps. People bend this hose to change the air filter and it will split, look it over good. -
Comment 3
thanks. I checked that...good. Is there a idle control valve? Where is it located? -
Comment 4
Yes it is called an Idle Air Control valve or IAC. Located on intake plenum, however this part is very reliable, I have never had a problem but you may have one! It is bolted to the intake with hoses hooked to it double check ALL vacuum sources for a leak, try cleaning throttle body. Google it, prob. something on youtube. -
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