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1990 Dodge Spirit Question: will not idle

the car will start fine but will not idle. it dies after stating up unless i feather the heck out of the throttle. the fuel pump and sock, fuel filter, timing belt, idle air control motor and idle postion sensor have been changed. it shows codes 12 and 55 only. HELP -
Answer 1
those are normal codes. code 12 is no tach signal but you checked it with the motor off. 55 is end of check. i would look for a vacuum leak for the idle. also, check the map sensor. the line clogging up with carbon was common. Roy -
Comment 1
line is not clogged and no leak. thanks anyway -
Comment 2
what did you set the minimum authority screw at?? Roy -
Comment 3
sorry but what minimum authority screw -
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my 1990 dodge spirit will start fine time after time but will not run or idle, it stalls after starting. I have chaged the fuel filter , fuel pump and fuel pump filter[sock]
I have replaced the alternater, belt, rotor and cap, spark plugs and plug wires. Maybe a bad fuel injecter? Not sure what fault code 26 is.
car starts every time but stalls unless i play with the throttle by moving it up and down very fast