will not fire on 1996 Dodge Dakota

Put new coil in. checked wires into coil. It shows i have power coming to coil. but i get no spark from the coil. when i turn over the truck it shows im getting power to the injectors to. but know spark out of the coil. im lost now

by in Wildomar, CA on April 23, 2010
2 answers
ANSWER by on March 24, 2011
no fire from coil to distributor fire going to coil only when i turn the key then it goes out
ANSWER by on March 13, 2012
i have replaced everything to do with the cranking on this 96 2.5 dodge dakota i have fire to the dist. and coil but no spark on the plugs or the coil isnt firing i replaced crank sensor ohmed the wire from the coil to crank sensor it checked good new wires plugs dist.tps relays coil, so do i need throw A MATCH ON IT lost 1 and lost2
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the crank sensor was changed and the Distributor was changed last year but steal no fire.
clutch safety sensor is not working so I pushed it in manually and motor turns over but wont start, no fire art distributor and coil and prior to coil..???
my dodge will not fire.i'm not getting any fire out of the ignition coil. i pulled the wires off the back of the coil...
2&8 plugs were wet coils and injecters tested good on ohms test. Would not run with new plugs. What should I check next? Scanner said 2 oxygen sensors bad. I don't if this could cause the problem.

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