will i be able to put a 2.2 engine from a 1995 legacy into my 1998 2.5 outback legacy on 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback

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i need to know if a 1995 2.2 engine from a legacy will be able to be put into my 1998 outback legacy that has a 2.5
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No it is not practical to try this, to many other things will need to be changed, the transmission may not be compatible, the fuel injection computer will be different sensors and harnesses will be different the exhaust may line up different, coolant hoses will align different.
Not true I did the swap in my 1997 outback and it went in smoothly and runs great. The only thing that didn't match up perfect was the ac compressor and even that is easy to figure out. Transmission mounts up perfectly and motor mounts. This is a very common conversion. Don't know where this guy got his info but I have done the swap myself. Good luck.
Anonymous we did the same. Put 1995 2.2 in 1998 outback. Worked great except one problem. Our transmittion seal where torq converter sets in keeps leaking. Have heard all kinds of nightmare fixes including changing transmittion and rearend which was fine before swap. Another mechanic told me simplest that made sense was that flywheel wasn't thick enough to hold torq tight against seal. 2.2 was in 5 speed and put it in automatic. Did you have to make any changes there?