Will exhaust manifold leak cause other problems if driven too long? on 2005 Dodge Durango

Can a regular Joe fix this?

Asked by for the 2005 Dodge Durango
An exhaust manifold leak can cause burned exhaust valves, improper fuel trim as the leak introduces extra oxygen that is picked up by the oxygen sensor, and slow warm-up time which also causes high fuel consumption, which will also cause your catalytic converter to fail prematurely, and the exhaust fumes can easily enter the vehicle cabin through the heating system and cause the passengers to get carbon monoxide poisoning, etc,etc. Have the leak fixed pronto!
Thank you
You are very welcome. I would recommend taking it to a reliable mechanic for repair because the exhaust bolts could break off and be a nightmare to remove the broken portion. Good luck!
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if abnormal bob can fix it , then certainly a regular joe can!.............most mechanical (as in exhaust leaks) , will not get better over time , and yes eventually it will start affecting other systems (O2 sensor readings for one).
Thank you for your quick and helpful response. Is there somewhere I can learn this process(internet or books)?
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