will code po401 damage my engine on 1996 Toyota Camry

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engine light on scanner reads po401
also I think muffler has minor exaust leak cause of smell and sound can the trigger po401
what po401 do to engine, car what are the negative effects code po401.
how serious is this code is my engine going to blow up
is a car with 203,000 miles bad car considered pissed off junk ready to die and stop working.
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I agree with answers given! Not a real problem but needs to be corrected. It is possible for an the exhaust leak to cause this if it is up front at the engine, more likey to smell it there also. Not a bad car, in fact a darn good one! Get it looked at, repaired, and drive on. 203,000 miles no problem! I have seen these vehicles double that with minimal repair, if maintained!
smell like gas kind but no smoke for now but trouble starting
and muffler goes chuc chuck chuck chuck
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Not likely cause it to blow up ....depending on what part of the EGR system that has failed would vary the results of harm. Unlikely that the leak at muffler has anything to do with this fault code. Best have a good tech. diagonose it for you. I will list the potential causes of that fault code:
EGR Vacuum Modulator
Electronic Control Module (ECM)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Vacuum Solenoid Valve (VSV)
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve
Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) Sensor Filter
Vacuum Hose/Line
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I cannort gurantee that it will not...if the egr valve is not working in some cases it could cause some spark knock on rare cases it could detonate and burn hole in piston or cause faster valve wear....but that is ra rare circumstance....If you do not notice a rattling noise on acceleration ...likely it will be ok.
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