2002 Acura RL Q&A

2002 Acura RL Question: Will an Trunk mounted navigation computer from an 2004 RL fit an 2002?

I work for a scrap yard in the crash book I have it says that 00-04 is compatible. But i now have a dealer telling me its not im sure he just wants to sell my customer his computer. -
Answer 1
fit, yes, work, no. you need the exact replacement with the numbers on the unit. they are most likely not interchangable. Roy -
Comment 1
Do you know if the unit can be flashed. I understand wont just plug and play but can acura reprogram them. -
Comment 2
yes, acura can do it but it has to be the exact unit number called for by the manufacturer. take your other unit back and get the correct one. Roy -
Comment 3
thanks roy appreciate your help -