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2001 BMW X5 Question: Will an 03 X5 3.0 engine fit a 2001 X5 with the 3.0 engine

My 2001 X5 recently overheated the mechanic is saying it needs a new head and recommends the whole engine be replaced. I found a used engine from a 03 X5 wanted to know if it will fit my car before I buy it. -
Answer 1
Both are an M54 engine, they are interchangeable. Zee -
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Thanks. But my mechanic is saying the 03 engine doesn't show up in his software to fit my car. Where can find what the exact differences are etween the two? -
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Could you post the last 7 digit of the VIN? Up to 9/2002 (which is a 2003 model year) the engine's part # is: 11 00 7 505 189 from 9/2002 is 11 00 0 303 875 If you can give me the last 7 digit of the VIN of your car and the donor car I can check in the OE part catalogue if you can use the '03 engine. It will be based on the exact manufacturing date. Zee -