Will a used steering column fix my A6 Quatto if it matches same make/model/year on 2005 Audi A6 Quattro

A6 no start condition, diagnosed by vag com: bad steering column lock module.
I can buy a used steering column with steering lock transponder/module,matched ignition and ignition access start module and the matched keys and a 1 year money back gaurantee. If I buy it and have it installed will the car start and run?

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Did you call to see if it had to, or could be reprogrammed to your car. I believe you are looking for a yes or no answer, but check 1 more thing first.
The company that sells it didn't know about new programming of part they also said no info on returns about not working because of program or coding incompatible, Audi service said once it is has been programmed it cannot be reprogrammed I will need a brand new one. I asked what if the service department types a wrong key while programming a new one, they can't go back in and correct it? He said that wouldn't happen and couldn't help me any further. Similar response from 2 other dealer service departments.
To answer that response; The column itself would probably work, but help your situation. Was thinking some modules once programmed could not be written over. About the programming, the person that programs the module should be held responsible for any mistakes in programming. I have to triple check myself, just because of that. Good Luck.
Thanks I think I will try it its about a third of the cost, and I will check with my Tech to see if we could plug it up without hard mounting to see if works, if it does I'll have him install it. Hopefully he will have enough slack on wiring harnesses to plug it up.
I'll post results so others might have the option.
Thanks for help
That's a great idea, Thanks and let us know.
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