Will a chevy 2010 suburban air condition comprssor fit a 2000 suburban on 2000 Chevrolet Suburban 1500

They both have a 5.3 engine the only difference is the pressure switch in back of the 2000 suburban. The 2010 compressor looks like it and fits but the plug in back for the 2010 sub. pressure switch is not on the cmopressor. Can I still use the 2010 sub. comp on a 2000 sub.

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Check to see if the new comp. has a plug with snap ring that can be removed
so your switch from old comp. can be installed. Same location on both.
Some do,some don't.
The 2010 compressor does not have a snap ring. It has no way to install high pressure switch like the 2000 conpressor. I was wondering if I could bypass the high pressure switch wiring. I would still have a low pressure switch.
That's exactly what i would do! As long as you have good air flow across
condenser should not be a problem. Worst case if head press.excessive
may dsmage compressor. Oh i know all about contamination of the system
befor anyone reply's!!! If it were mine thats what I woud do.Also if the comp.
locks up,i think it's run by it's own belt so if that happens,cut the belt. Remember
to do the same procedure as installing a new compressor.
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thats a good question i would think you would be ok as long as the pressure is in the system.may depend if computer picks it up and shuts it down