will a car run without a ventilator vent assembly/fuel tank vent valve? on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

my ? is actually about a 1989 camero RS coupe with a 6 cyl. 2.8 car was sitting for a year but ran fine before that starts when carb cleaner is sprayed in air intake but dies out. I didn't hear fuel pump running checked fuses, rely and elec. curcit all fine changed out fuel pump which is now pumping fuel but I broke the ventilator valve assembly/fuel tank vent valve (Haynes book calls it ventilator valve assembly)(looks like a little canister with only one end attached to a hose)cant find the part anywhere they say its discontinued. Would this keep the car from running/starting? will engine run without it?

by in Saint Petersburg, FL on March 02, 2014
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ANSWER by on March 02, 2014
The engine will run without it..you should be able to find it online ,u gotta Google part..
COMMENT by on March 02, 2014
ok thanks Ive looked all over but will keep looking I have found many other ones online but for different cars and none of there look nothing like the one I have on mine
ANSWER by on March 03, 2014
try a wrecking yard and also double ck fuel pump pressure. could also be in tank fuel screen is plugged

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