will a car run without a ventilator vent assembly/fuel tank vent valve? on 1990 Chevrolet Camaro

my ? is actually about a 1989 camero RS coupe with a 6 cyl. 2.8 car was sitting for a year but ran fine before that starts when carb cleaner is sprayed in air intake but dies out. I didn't hear fuel pump running checked fuses, rely and elec. curcit all fine changed out fuel pump which is now pumping fuel but I broke the ventilator valve assembly/fuel tank vent valve (Haynes book calls it ventilator valve assembly)(looks like a little canister with only one end attached to a hose)cant find the part anywhere they say its discontinued. Would this keep the car from running/starting? will engine run without it?

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try a wrecking yard and also double ck fuel pump pressure. could also be in tank fuel screen is plugged
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The engine will run without should be able to find it online ,u gotta Google part..
ok thanks Ive looked all over but will keep looking I have found many other ones online but for different cars and none of there look nothing like the one I have on mine
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