2005 Buick Century Q&A

2005 Buick Century Question: will a bad security chip in key cause it not to start sometimes.

The security light has come own reasonally and when i turn the key on sometime it doesnot start.The security light blinks off and on sometime. sometime if i turn it off with the steering wheel not straight it also will not turn on. today i also pull the gear shift handle toward the steering wheel it will start some times. some people say it is the starter but my buick book it may be the key. can you help me and how much does a key cost to replace -
Answer 1
that is correct, it may be the key (or key reader) that is intermittently acting up...i would recommend going to the dealer and having it properly diagnosed and repaired... -
Answer 2
yes it could be the key if so try another key if you have one or it could be the skim (reader) inside ign assm -