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2007 Honda Pilot Question: why would water be in oil after routine 100000 mile timing belt replacement

2days ago dealer replaced belt,water pump,tensioner. small oil drops under car next day. 400 mile trip with no problems now larger oil puddle and oil in water. No previous problems of any kind. -
Answer 1
not sure but return for warranty and have it diag -
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no warranty left. they are waiting on call from Honda.They think blown head gasket. They say oil is in overflow reservoir and that is why we see leak. The oil puddle in the garage floor is pure oil and shows no sign of foam or water. -
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did you ever overheat the engine? -
Answer 2
LOOK for yourself!!! See if 'oil' in overflow is more 'reddish' than brown. May have a bad trans cooler and it's leaking into the radiator. ANY signs of coolant mixing with engine oil? Has trans fluid been inspected? -
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honda service dept. has contacted honda.they have not seen this before. they think blown head gasket. Oil in garage floor is clean no sign of water in it. they said the water overflow container was full of oil. I looked at it today and it is but you can see water mixture there but in my garage floor no sign of water,bubbles or foam just clean clear oil.car did not overheat sunday or skip a beat. i saw oil mon. and checked dipstick.barely touched oil, no water in oil. i put a quart of oil in and took to honda service. car started and ran fine. -
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Good luck. -
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thanks, is it possible for oil to go into the cooling system but no water into the oil. if so how -
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Bad trans cooler in radiator , seen a few here (dealer) 3 in the last year. -
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thanks, i passed it on to the service dept/ -