why would the water not be getting through to the radiator on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

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we changed the temperature gauge because the car was over heating and now it is still bubbling so we checked and there seems to be a restriction of water getting to the radiator
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I am having the same problem with My 2004 Chrysler sebring. I have changed the Thermostat Twice and also have changed my radiator cap to make sure seals were all good. I have watched the water pump, pump the water so I don't think it is that. Also, does anyone know what kind of radiator fluid to use. Just making sure I did not use the wrong kind. The fan is kicking on so everything seems to be working. Everytime I drive through town it seems to be okay but once on highway it over heats. Can anyone help??????? I have the (i believe) the 2.4 4cylinder Motor...