Why would the right headlight quit working and the bulb is good? on 2013 Dodge Dart

I switched the bulbs to verify and it works in the other socket. No power to the right headlight socket, 12.5 volts to the left.

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May have individual(left/right) headlight fuses. Also check for good ground , if you have correct voltage to low-beam power wire.
There are no headlight fuses. There a single bulb on each side with high beams controlled by a change of the position of the reflector.
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this should be covered under the factory warranty. the best thing would be to take it in.
They are replacing the Body Control Module (BCM). It seemed to have gone haywire internally. After replacing the BCM, they found a loose pin in the connector from the BCM.
Update: they are now replacing the BCM again and have troubleshot the problem to the headlight assembly. This should prove wasteful, kinda like replacing the door handle to fix an electrical door lock issue.