Why would the power windows not be able to roll all the way up. Motor works fine on 2001 Ford Ranger

The highest point leaves a two inches gap. On that point it makes a noise when the up button is engaged. Like the window is jammed.

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Driven gear in the window motor can no longer lift the window past that point, there is a heavy spring that helps raise the glass to where it is stopping, then gear fails, making that noise you hear!....Replace the window motor, or have it replaced!
Is replacing the motor the ''only'' option ? Is there anything I can do to get the window to go all the way up with existing part?
Push up on the glass while using button, or have a helper 'clap' hands on each side of glass and lift up while 'you' use the button, key on of course! Once it is up don't lower the glass until fixed,, with a new motor!!
Thank you.
Sure...BTW, have fixed a more of these than i can count! Very common failure on this vehice, and others as well...with the same plastic driven gear! Remember this; when removed the drive gear will look just fine...but the driven gear is inside the motor,,take it apart and look!!!
Replace the motor!!!!!
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regulators are binding up
Is there any way to unbind it ? W/the above Q posts in mind.
Probably off trac
Open up your door panel and see what's going on?